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Kids Urban Rebounding DVD by JB Berns

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Kids Urban Rebounding DVD by JB Berns

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Kids Urban Rebounding DVD by JB Berns brings to your child a rebounder exercise workout that he or she will want to do. Your child will enjoy bouncing to this DVD, while they burn fat. JB Berns teaches your child how to set up the rebounder and gives he or she helpful hints before starting to rebound. If your child likes to jump on the bed, they will love bouncing and exercising to this DVD.

Introduces 3 basic rebounder movements;

Basic Workout - 20 program in which the kids are taught the use of 45 degree turns and 4 movements

Intermediate Workout - 20 minute program using 90 degree turns and 5 movements

Advanced Workout - 20 minutes teaching full directional changes and 5 movements