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Moving To Learn-Bouncing Gross Motor Lab by Sheila Steele

Just a few minutes a day for better health at any age!

Made in the USA
Exclusive Bonus Pack:
  • Article "Total Health"
  • DVD "The Immune System"
  • DVD "Bounce Before You Jump"
  • Instructions & Warranty
  • Lube Pack

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Moving To Learn-Bouncing Gross Motor Lab by Sheila Steele
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For customers under 300 lbs, the SoftBounce option above is recommended
Moving To Learn-Bouncing Gross Motor Lab by Sheila Steele teaches you how to gain academic and physical benefits from rebounding while at the same time enjoying your workout. This book teaches you how to bounce your way to a more able body and better brain function.

Kids of all ages will enjoy this inspirational book, which guides you through a quality rebounder workout. Sheila gives you common sense, easy to do movements, that can benefit people who need a wheelchair. She instructs you in how to improve your memory and decrease stress that can be overwhelming in an academic setting.