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Needak Rebounder

Just a few minutes a day for better health at any age!

Made in the USA
Exclusive Bonus Pack:
  • Article "Total Health"
  • DVD "The Immune System"
  • DVD "Bounce Before You Jump"
  • Instructions & Warranty
  • Lube Pack

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Needak Rebounder
Exclusive NeedakRebounder.com 90 Day Trial Policy

Purchasing a rebounder has never been as easy or as risk-free! Our return policy protects you in the unlikely event rebounding is not for you. Here's how it works:
  • Use your rebounder for up to 90 days. You may use it as much as you like.
  • If you are at all dissatisfied with your Needak rebounder, contact us within 90 days from when you received it prior to sending it back
  • Ship the rebounder back to us (at our UPS discounted rates if you like).
  • Receive a full refund within 48 hours of when we receive it back! There are no restocking fees, and you receive back any original shipping cost!
We do ask that you send back the entire rebounder including the spring cover and any bonus materials you received as part of your purchase.

This is an exclusive offer, and applies only to customers who purchase through this web site or through the phone number above.
Exclusive NeedakRebounder.com 125% Price Protection

You will always receive the best price on a Needak rebounder by purchasing directly from us. If you find the same model for less within 90 days (THREE MONTHS!) of your purchase, just let us know where you saw it and we will refund you the difference plus 25% of the difference!

It's that simple, but here are a few common sense details:
  • Lower advertised price must be reported within 90 days of purchase.
  • "Price" means total product price plus shipping.
  • Must be the same item.
  • Does not apply to volume discounts.
  • Competing price must be offered by an authorized dealer (internet or otherwise).
  • Does not apply to prices on auction sites.
  • Does not apply to repacked, demonstration, or liquidated merchandise.
  • The advertisement must be available for us to review, and the product must be available (in stock).

Your Guaranteed Low Price
125% price Protection for 90 Days!
90 Day Trial Period!
Choose Options
Bounce Type help
Stabilizer Bar Option
Spring Cover Option
For customers under 300 lbs, the SoftBounce option above is recommended
Bonus Items
With the purchase of any of our rebounders, we also include the following bonus items at no additional charge
  • DVD: "Immune System" by Albert Carter
  • Article: "Total Health" by Dr. Morton Walker
A low impact Needak rebounder workout will make you feel and look great.  Rebounding increases strength, burns fat, improves balance, firms all over, and also provides an aerobic exercise to strengthen your heart and lungs.  Thousands of people have discovered that by rebounding they sleep better, can work longer, and feel less nervous and stressed.  This effect is caused from bouncing up and down against gravity is one of the best exercises ever developed because it positively affects so the body in so many different ways.

Rebounding is unique in that you can use your rebounder in virtually any room in the house, at the office or even while traveling.  Whenever you have a  few free moments you can get on the rebounder for a great workout.

Needak® rebounders are unquestionably the highest quality rebounders available today.  Every component of the Needak rebounder has been refined and every manufacturing process has been optimized to produce the best rebounding system available.  Other brands are produced by contract manufacturers and imported by marketing firms who focus on cost rather than quality.  Unlike a  contract manufacturer, Needak only produces rebounders and it is the sole focus of the entire organization.  Needak is the only manufacturer who can claim that, and Needak manufacturing has been ongoing since 1990!

Springs: Needak® springs are barrel shaped and longer than cheap imported models.  The unique Needak springs absorb approximately 85% of impact each bounce.  The shorter springs are simply not capable of providing this kind of jump performance.

Hinges (folding models): The Needak® hinge is virtually indestructible and assures that you are not sacrificing quality or durability by selecting a folding model.

Permatron® Mat: The Jumping surface of the Needak® rebounder is made from a tightly woven matting that is UV and stretch resistant.

Platform: The Needak® rebounder frame is constructed from heavy gauge steel and is 40 inches in diameter.  The round shaped platform is far superior to square or octagonal designs in that is distributes the rebounding force evenly on the frame.  While a Needak® rebounder only weighs 25 pounds, the steel construction assures years of use.

The Needak® SoftBounce Rebounder is recommended for users under 300 lbs. The NeedakNeedak® HardBounce Rebounder is recommended for users over 300 lbs. The stronger springs on the Hardbounce will prevent the rebounder from "bottoming out" for users over 300 lbs. while the springs on the SoftBounce will provide users who are under 300 lbs. a better rebounding experience.

Note: Frame Cover not included.

Diameter: 40 Inches
Height: 10 Inches
Capacity (Soft-Bounce): 300 pounds
Capacity (Hard-Bounce): 600 pounds

Industry-Best Residential Usage Warranty:
LIFETIME: Frame, Hinges, Legs, and Platform Pins
5 YEARS: Jumping Mat, Spring Pins, and Mat Cleats
2 YEARS: Leg Tips, Leg Springs and Mat Springs

Industry-Best Commercial Warranty:
5 Years: Frame, Hinges and Mat
1 Year: All Other Parts
Needak Rebounder
4.6 out of 5 based on 388 user ratings