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Urban Rebounding book by JB Berns

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Urban Rebounding book by JB Berns

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Urban Rebounding book by JB Berns is a complete book that describes the start of exercising and its development over the years. JB goes over the development of rebounding and brings together Western and Eastern exercise programs and the rebounder. He provides complete details on all kinds of movements associated with urban rebounding and how the can be brought together to form a proven exercise program.

JB Berns discusses four types of bounces, on his Urban Rebounding System, categorized in this book. These include; Basic Bounces, Abdominal Bounces, Aerobic Bounces and Strength Bounces. All of these movements have been thoroughly photographed and documented. JB teaches the choreography of each and how they can be combined into a complete rebounder exercise program that is efficient, easy and fun.

"There is a myth about exercise in the West. It needs to be painful. It needs to be difficult if it is to work the muscles properly. The body, if it is to be exercised properly, should feel sore and under stress in a day following a "good workout." It must take a lot of time...."
(From Urban Rebounding by JB Berns)