Detoxing Lymph Nodes With the Rebounder 

So I blogged about the herbs I am taking for premenopause, in the last blog A Month of Health II I blogged about the herbs I am taking for health geared toward my blood type. There are more, but what I want to talk about in this post, part of the A Month of Health series, is what the man at the health store said to me that made me go WHAT??????? 

The man at the health store had the nerve to tell me I am not exercising enough. You're kidding right? I exercise at least three times a week sometimes more. No, he said you are not getting the right kind of exercise. But, I do cardo and toning each time I exercise I don't understand. 

At this point he told me I needed a rebounder, which just one of those in house trampolines. Oh, soooo what is the difference? Turns out that rebounding helps to release lymph which is toxins and waste that become trapped in our lymph nodes. Toxins and other waste which are to big to go through the blood stream go into the lymph nodes and our nodes can become blocked. 

Well I had to learn more about this topic. I no longer take someone's word about anything pertaining to my health I have to find out for my self. Plus I also get a better understanding of my body and how it works. So, I came home and did some research on the topic what I found out is very interesting. 

There are various ways to detox the lymph nodes, but rebounding uses gravitational pull to release the lymph. Unlike the heart which pumps blood through out the body and keeps things moving the lymph nodes have no pump. Lymph nodes are located through out the body along with lymph veins playing a big role in our immune system. Blocked lymph nodes can cause a whole variety of health issues. Some include cancer, puffy eyes (usually in the morning,) allergies, thyroid imbalance just to name a few. I was thrilled to learn about the health benefits of rebounding, and if you would like to learn more visit the various links that I did below. There were others I read also containing similar information, but these three really stood out for me. So, guess what I did 

I added a rebounder to my collection of work out toys. 

Have a look at some @ the Needak Rebounder
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