The Amazing Health Benefits of Rebounding Rebounding Outside 

By Jennifer Colalillo

What’s a rebounder

It was commonly found in many homes in the 80′s and is also known as a tiny trampoline! According to NASA, it is the best form of physical activity exercise out there. Many people have injuries and cannot put a lot of pressure or weight on their joints especially for activities like running. Rebounding is the perfect exercise for rehabilitation users…and really it’s benefits extend to anyone who’s willing to bounce around for at least 10 minutes a day. The benefits of rebounding are endless but here are a few great reasons to get bouncing on one: low impact aerobic exercise but can still be high intensity stimulates circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body and blood boosts energy and mood conditions the heart with cardiovascular movements strengthens & tones the muscles while bouncing burns fat burns more calories in less time than running! delays the aging process, keeping you looking young These are awesome reasons why rebounding should be added to your workout routines..but one of my favourite reasons I love the rebounder is…. 

Rebounding Improves Digestion 

Many of us have poor digestions, and rebounding works with gravity to speed up the elimination pockets in the digestive tract. It causes the muscles to contract and relax quicker than usual, and this is especially great for repairing digestion issues. Just don’t go bouncing on a rebounder right after you eat, as this can be a bit uncomfortable! Put on some great music and get bouncing. 10 minutes a day is a great work out! Be safe and remember you fitness level as well. Happy Jumping.

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