Tie a shoestring to the long hook end of the spring. 
  Remove Leg tip.  As illustrated, this can be done with a flat blade screwdriver by sliding the blade between the leg and leg tip and prying up slightly.  Do this on either side of the leg to quickly remove the tip.
  Slide spring with attached shoestring into the leg 
  Attach short hook end of spring onto the tab of the leg, pushing it deep into the tap opening. 
  Put the leg tip completely on the leg before continuing to the next step.

Caution:  Please wear eye protection for this step!

With a firm grip on the shoestring, carefully pull it out the end of the leg opposite the tab, extending the spring to the point where the body of the spring is partially out past the end of the tube.  With between 2-5 coils exposed, turn the spring at a right angle and slide it onto the side of the leg as shown. 

  Once securely angled onto the leg, release the string and attach carefully to the platform pin of the rebounder.  CLICK HERE for the Leg Replacement Instruction

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