Lay the rebounder on the floor in it's still folded position.  Have the larger outside hinges touching the floor.

Firmly grasp both halves of the frame at the midpoint of each half circle.  Please keep all fingers away from hinge area when opening the rebounder.

Using steady pressure, with hands open and fingers extended, use the palm of the hands to push top side of frame down and open. 

Note:  The mat springs may cause the rebounder to "snap open."

With the rebounder now open and still upside down, lift each leg into a perpendicular position (up and over it's platform pin).  
Make sure the spring cover and bungee cord are free from the leg tube so the leg seats properly. 
Turn the rebounder right side up, release the "Velcro holding straps" on the spring cover.  
Pull that portion of the spring cover evenly over the hinge area.  

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